Disclose Your Invention with TVC

When an inventor believes that they have made something that qualifies as an invention, they need to reveal the information to TVC.

When a University of Utah faculty member has invented something, the next step is to disclose with the Technology and Venture Commercialization Office. An invention disclosure should list all sponsors of the research and should include all the information necessary to pursue protection and commercialization activities. It is critical that you complete every section of the disclosure in as much detail as possible. Please include all dates of any upcoming publications or other public disclosure describing the invention.

Click the Disclose link above.

Choose ‘Request Account’. You will receive log in information from a TVC team member.

Log into the Inventor Portal with your credentials.

Fill out the disclosure with as much detail as possible.

Upload the signature page by all inventors and include all their contact information.

Submit your disclosure!

What happens next?

You will be contacted by the assigned licensing manager shortly after your submission to discuss the invention and its potential commercial applications.

TVC’s Inventor Portal allows you to:

  • Check the status of your invention disclosures.
  • View a list of intellectual property protection covering your invention.
  • View a list of agreements executed in relation to your invention.

If you have any questions, please contact TVC at info@tvc.utah.edu or 801.581.7792.